Website Maintenance and Security

WordPress Website Security

Your website is your online presence for your business or personal online brand. Ransomware, malware and viruses are easily spread through compromised/infected websites, resulting in their removal from the Google index and receiving warnings from anti-virus providers such as McAffee®, Symantec® and AVG®  – indicating to visitors that your site is NOT safe to visit. No one wants to find out that their business website is being used to infect their own clients and potential customers.

This can easily happen if your website site is not maintained and security patches are not applied on a regular basis.

We can assist by having your site up-to-date with all relevant and important security patches. The no. 1 cause of website malware/virus infections is non-patched software. By keeping your site up-to-date you can help eliminate the no. 1 security risk to your site.

WordPress Website Security

WordPress Updates
Scheduled monthly updates to WordPress core files and plugins, with pro-active back-ups, in case of conflicts.

Security Patches application
Ad-hoc security updates to core files and plugins as soon as a major version or security patch is released.

WordPress password discovery attacks blocking
Limit the number of login attempts from a given IP range within a certain time period to avoid this common brute-force automated hacking attempt

Antivirus, Malware Scanning & Removal
Quickly repair the most common forms of website infection by opting in for ongoing malware scanning and clean-up in case of infection.

Blacklist monitoring
Get notified if your website gets negatively flagged in major blacklists with a security related issue and get help with getting off the blacklist.

Website Security Monitoring
Monitoring and logging security related events and file integrity within your site to be able to diagnose the issue in case of compromise.

Payment terms:
All packages are billed monthly, at the start of the month.  The cost of license renewals for your themes and plugins (if required) are not included in the monthly maintenance fee.