Responsive Web Site Design, Social Media Integration


AboutThe Client

Hinchtown is the official web site for world-famous Indy Car driver, James Hinchcliffe. The site provides his fans with daily updates, race outcomes and highlights, videos and much more. Anything to do with keeping up with James Hinchcliffe, you will find it here.

Responsive Web Site Design
Responsive Web Site Design

About this project

James Hinchcliffe is very busy, and his media footprint expands daily — so we designed this site on WordPress platform to make it easy to update, multiple times a day. The site makes great use of WordPress’s content management bench-strength, enabling site operator to load multiple content types in one interface, and having them publish throughout different sections of the site.

James Hinchcliffe is also known for his heavy use of social media — so we set up a page on the site that collects all his social media postings, across all platforms, and aggregates them together into a convenient news feed.